Having co-founded Goodrich Appraisal in the mid 1980’s, Jim has acquired extensive experience working on a variety of valuation projects. The firm originally concentrated on residential and commercial real estate valuations and later evolved into Goodrich Realty Consulting (GRC), offering property tax consulting services as well as appraisals. Jim has emerged as one of the nation’s leading professionals in real estate valuation, having recently served as President of Relocation Appraisers and Consultants, a national organization of appraisers specializing in appraisals of complex properties. He has also been selected as an expert witness in numerous litigation matters including property tax protests. Although we do not perform appraisals on our own property tax cases, the knowledge base and skill set carryover is invaluable in negotiating for our clients. 


Glenn joined GRC in 2009 after graduating from Texas A&M University with an undergrad in Finance and a masters in Real Estate Land Development. While Glenn has a solid background in real estate valuation, his largest contribution is through developing technologies that allow GRC to make better, data driven decisions for our clients. Using the power of cloud computing and data visualization, we are able to quickly identify key points of negotiation.