As the owner of a business or an investor, you have to manage the bottom line. An improperly managed property tax expense can drive down NOI by tens of thousands of dollars. GRCtax's sole task is to ensure you are not overpaying, freeing up your revenue so that you can do what you do best. We represent a wide variety of commercial assets from raw land to large industrial facilities.


Property taxes make up a portion of your monthly mortgage, or if you own your home outright, is a major expense you pay at the end of every year. With amounts that total in the tens if not hundreds of thousands we know this is a major expense that deserves a serious and methodical approach. GRCtax has a proven system that ensures we take advantage of any information that can reduce your tax liability.

What makes GRCtax different? (watch below)

Service Details

Whether the property is a 100,000 sqft distribution center or a 3,500 sqft home, our expert consultants bring instant credibility to the case. Analytics, experience, and relationships ensure our clients have the strongest negotiation possible. 



We handle all the administrative actions required to navigate the protest process including filing the protest itself. All deadlines will be met and you are notified as the case progresses.  

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Our methodical approach to property tax valuation tests for any advantage we may present in our client's favor. We access multiple industry databases and partnerships for market research as well as test for inequity using our own proprietary system. If potentially harmful evidence exists, we identify it ahead of negotiations and present it to you to weigh if a protest would produce more harm than good. If decided to proceed with a protest we prepare arguments to hedge/quash any harmful evidence. 



We settle 90% of our cases after an informal meeting with a district appraiser. If we cannot come to an agreement informally, we then present the case in front of an Appraisal Review Board. For those complex cases that cannot be settled through the "normal" appeals process, GRCtax can push the case into binding arbitration or litigation. In either circumstance, we clearly outline the cost benefit of pushing for further relief.  



  • Minimum appraised value of $300,000
  • 25% contingent fee
  • No upfront fee (sign up fee) 
  • No reoccurring administrative fee.
  • Only charge for 1 year tax savings.


  • Minimum appraised value of $500,000
  • 40% contingent fee
  • No upfront fee (sign up fee) 
  • No reoccurring administrative fee.
  • Only charge for 1 year tax savings.